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my name is Katie and I live in Central Minnesota. I'm originally from northern Germany and moved to the US in 2010 when I met my husband Matt. I have 4 children, a stepson who is 21 and lives in Minneapolis and 3 little ones, 8 and under. We also have 2 dogs, Charlie, an 11 year old Boxer/Lab mix and Oona, a 2 year old Australian Shepard and four chickens. We live on 15 acres of mostly forest and a little bit of pasture. I dream of having goats and maybe even horses someday.

I've always been into one craft or another, trying absolutely everything. But when I made my first soap I instantly knew that this is something I wanted to pursue deeper. I love the combination of science and art, the control over ingredients and that my skin has been the happiest it has ever been. I experimented with different recipes for a long time until I found a few I'm truly happy with and that I felt were good enough to share with the public.

As for the name of my company, I just really love birds. I can watch and listen to them for hours. It's also the first words to one of my favorite songs "Caught a Long Wind" by Feist.

Thank you for checking out my page! I appreciate your support so much.